Daniel Martin Moore in Cincinnati September 13 at The Monastery Walnut Hills

September 10, 2014

Its always a pleasure to work with the inimitable Daniel Martin Moore.


Saturday, September 13 marks our second collaboration with Ric Hordinski of The Monastery Studio Walnut Hills with the presentation of Daniel Martin Moore and his long-time band.

Ric might say this best about Daniel:

 I spent a month or more touring with Daniel in the UK and the states a few years back. What I discovered was: not only are his songs like little Zen stealth vehicles of love and goodness, he’s also one of the good people in the world. He and his music are worth of your time and energy.

While we believe he is more than his biography when you experience him live, Sub Pop Records explains him this way:

Daniel Martin Moore is a singer and songwriter (and a great many other things arguably less relevant to this particular piece of text) from Cold Spring, Kentucky. On the strength of an unsolicited demo he sent us in January of 2007, Sub Pop released Stray Age in October of 2008, a quietly striking album and Daniel’s debut full-length. And, in February of 2010, we released Dear Companion, an album written and performed by Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore together, and produced by Jim James from My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk. Part of the intention with Dear Companion was to draw attention to the problem of Mountaintop Removal (MTR) coal mining, but the music stood on its own as well (Filter: “This is one painfully beautiful record”). Between the release of Stray Age and now, Daniel’s been busy, touring with Ben and Jim (including a July ‘10 performance at the Newport Folk Festival), opening for Iron & Wine, The Swell Season and My Morning Jacket, appearing on NPR’s World Café, doing the things associated writing, recording and releasing music.

In our words, DMM is an artist of true heart and soul, and he has been a dedicated friend to The Requiem Project: The Emery since its inception. He has worked with us in a myriad of capacities: The record release of Daniel’s album, Farthest Field, sold-out The Emery Theatre’s First Final Friday in 2012. He and Joan Shelley recorded two heart-wrenching Emery Sessions with Michael Wilson, The First of August and We Two:

Emery Session: The First of August

Emery Session: We Two

Most recently we worked with DMM on a self-scripting project with Wordplay Cincy, another non-profit in Cincinnati that specifically works with children and caring adults to develop literacy skills and creative outlets for expression through writing. Daniel’s participation in our collaborative project was song-writing for the sold-out performance of “Enter Stage Write.”

The Requiem Project would have a terrible hole missing if we did not have Daniel’s music and dedication to the arts as a pathway to peace.

We  hope that you join us Saturday, September 13 at The Monastery in Cincinnati for a special evening of music for one of the “good people in this world.”


Give Me All You Got: Carrie Rodriguez in Cincinnati

February 11, 2014

SW131114CarrieAndLuke_0830Final ART MOVES HERE 2014

February 11, 2014


The Monastery Walnut Hills


Join us at The Monastery Studio for an unforgettable, one-night only concert featuring classically trained, soulful singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez. Rodriguez and her musical partner, Luke Jacobs, will perform songs from her popular album, Give Me All You Got (Americana Music Association’s Top 10 Albums of the Year) and her new album, Live From Cactus Café.

The Requiem Project has some exciting events and collaborations as part of ART MOVES HERE 2014.

Listen to Susan Byrnes radio piece about a  bit more on The Requiem Project’s  new partnership with the monastery studio & Ric Hordinski.


The Monastery is an intimate performance space and recording studio in Walnut Hills. Housed in a repurposed centenarian church, it ‘s been home to over a century of music and continues to welcome all types of music, from classical to folk, pop, jazz, hip hop, and indie rock.

As a company we remain committed to opening doors for exciting, cutting-edge music. Come along for the adventure.

Final Friday, November 29: Diana Duncan Holmes and Susan Byrnes Exhibition

November 29, 2013

Same vision just around the corner… ART MOVES HERE.

Please join us for the inaugural exhibition at our new space (just around the corner from The Emery). We’re not going far from the theatre and we’re keeping The Requiem Project’s mission active.

The Requiem Project believes meaningful artistic interactions create community.


Final Friday, November 29, 2013


29 East 12 Street

Cincinnati, Ohio

Susan Byrnes is a visual artist whose early studies in photography, film and video, and later studies in traditional cast metal sculpture and audio production have resulted in conceptually-based art that encompasses a variety of media.  Dress the Birds is a multimedia installation with cast-iron, video, skeleton x-ray images, plaster and natural fibers.

Diana Duncan Homes is a photo-based visual artist who also collaborates on artists’ books, primarily with poet, Timothy Riordan. Her work involves photos, drawing, painting, collage, video, text-in combination or alone. This selection of photography, some with Riordan’s poetry, is part of collector Walter Burton’s private estate.

The Requiem Project, Inc. is a 501-c3 not-for-profit fine arts company with the mission to re-establish the historic Emery Theatre as an interdisciplinary arts center. The heartbeat of The Requiem Project is the creation of a space for creative possibility and to offer opportunities to listen to passionate voices through artistically based programming, education, and community initiatives. The Requiem Project fosters a multitude of opportunities for artistic collaborations and offers arts-based educational opportunities through live music, theatre, dance, film and visual arts exhibitions.

 The Requiem Project’s new office is located at 29 East 12th Street (around the corner from The Emery and across from The Art Academy).  This new space will continue to draw attention to the hopeful revival of The Emery and reflect The Requiem Project’s dedication to re-opening a national music icon.