Ric Hordinski’s Holiday Show at The Monastery Walnut Hills #artmoveshere

December 2, 2014




The Requiem Project has always been about building an organization based in the community that works with art and education to inspire meaningful artistic events and interactions. Requiem at The Emery was not just a music venue for shows that could draw 1000 people one night a week but a space for smaller arts companies, dance companies, visual artists, and like-minded non-profits to build an audience.  We aimed for a more diverse theatre filled with people walking through the doors and interacting with the historic space instead of just going to see a show and leave. The Emery Theatre still remains close to the hearts of many, especially our loyal patrons, volunteers and sponsors that have stuck with us in this thin time. Yet, while The Emery remains inaccessible to the public, The Requiem Project has been blessed to find a partner in The Monastery Walnut Hills.

Why are we involved with The Monastery? We are involved because we believe in the influence of high quality art, in beautiful listening rooms, and in the ways that art can bind communities. Patronage (tickets) is supporting the kind of choices we made at The Emery. It is all one vision, centered around re-opening The Emery, but strong enough to live outside of it as well. The Requiem Project still strives to create a venue with a pulse for events that are not otherwise happening in Cincinnati.  While the “powers that be” keep The Emery closed, we are working at another venue that is still filled with reverence for the power of high quality music.

The Monastery has been home to over a century of music and continues to welcome all types of music, from classical to folk, pop, jazz, hip-hop, and indie rock. The Monastery should (and will) continue to grow and expand to a fully programmed venue in Walnut Hills.  The doors have been open for almost fifteen years, and with the commitment of The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, the neighbors that attend weekly dinners, guitar camps, recording artists, and concert patrons it has become a destination under the vision of it’s humble owner, Ric Hordinski.

Requiem’s 2014 ART MOVES HERE Series has a final show December 13: Ric Hordinski’s Occasionally Annual Concert and Medicine Show. It will be cheerful, it will be celebratory and it will continue to be a #cincytradition. What you might not know about Ric Hordinski (yes, he was a founding member of Cincinnati’s hometown band, Over The Rhine) is that he is a composer, arranger, producer, Grammy nominee, Dove, Cammy and Plainfolks award winner. He has toured around the world, and lives right here in Cincinnati.

Please join us Saturday, December 13, 2014


Tickets: http://holidayshow2014.brownpapertickets.com

November 22: Suzzy Roche & Lucy Wainwright Roche in Cincinnati

November 13, 2014


lucysuzzy2013-2 (1) (1)

Mother/Daughter Duo:
Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche


We (the “We” is The Requiem Project and our not-so-new partner, Ric Hordinski) received a note from Over The Rhine’s Karin Bergquist who was “just putting a feeler out for her friend,” Lucy Wainwright Roche.  Lucy and her mother, Suzzy, were interested in adding a tour stop in Cincinnati on their way back home to New York City. It was a pretty simple decision on our end to add the concert to our ART MOVES HERE 2014 season, keeping with our ideals of artists that make you think… Artists whose careers have dipped outside of music alone and are activists (like Daniel Martin Moore), up-and coming stars (like Carrie & Luke) and this mother/daughter duo who have just won the VOX/POP INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD for The Best Singer/Songwriter 2014 with the release of the album, “Fairytale and Myth.”

Last we saw Lucy was at Over The Rhine’s annual Christmas show in 2011 (she is stunning), and Suzzy has had a life-long career as an elegant presence in folk-music and iconic theatre (see below!). Their first collaboration has sold-out across the country, and when Karin “put her feelers out” it was a simple decision. Karin joked her motives were “purely selfish” because she just wants to see her friends and their show. Lucky for us, we get to make that happen in Cincinnati November 22 at The Monastery Walnut Hills. 

A bit more about Lucy and Suzzy (pronounced like Fuzzy):

Lucy Wainwright Roche was born in New York City into an immediate-family of musicians: her parents are Suzzy Roche and Louden Wainwright III, her brother and sister are both acclaimed musicians Martha Wainwright and Rufus Wainwright. While Lucy has performed and toured with her musically-lauded family, she has a solo career of her own. As a full time touring musician, with an ever-expanding independent career, her recordings include: “8 Songs, 8 More,” and  “There’s a Last Time For Everything.” “Fairytale and Myth” received the VOX/POP INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD for The Best Singer/Songwriter 2014.

Suzzy Roche is a singer/songwriter/performer/author and founding member of the singing group The Roches. She has recorded over fifteen albums, written music for TV and Film, and toured extensively for thirty years across the U.S. and Europe. “Zero Church: an unusual collection of prayers” (a collaboration with Maggie Roche), which was developed at Harvard’s Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue, was originally staged at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, and has been performed around the country. Suzzy has been an associate member of The Wooster Group; the experimental theater company based in New York City, and performed with them off and on for years throughout Europe. Her children’s book “Want To Be In A Band” was published in February 2013. “Wayward Saints” is her first novel and was a selection of the Spring 2012 B&N Discover Great New Writers Program.

 We are thrilled to invite these women to The Monastery and hope you will join us next Saturday night.

Saturday, November 22, 2014 / 8PM/ The Monastery Walnut Hills

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Daniel Martin Moore in Cincinnati September 13 at The Monastery Walnut Hills

September 10, 2014

Its always a pleasure to work with the inimitable Daniel Martin Moore.


Saturday, September 13 marks our second collaboration with Ric Hordinski of The Monastery Studio Walnut Hills with the presentation of Daniel Martin Moore and his long-time band.

Ric might say this best about Daniel:

 I spent a month or more touring with Daniel in the UK and the states a few years back. What I discovered was: not only are his songs like little Zen stealth vehicles of love and goodness, he’s also one of the good people in the world. He and his music are worth of your time and energy.

While we believe he is more than his biography when you experience him live, Sub Pop Records explains him this way:

Daniel Martin Moore is a singer and songwriter (and a great many other things arguably less relevant to this particular piece of text) from Cold Spring, Kentucky. On the strength of an unsolicited demo he sent us in January of 2007, Sub Pop released Stray Age in October of 2008, a quietly striking album and Daniel’s debut full-length. And, in February of 2010, we released Dear Companion, an album written and performed by Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore together, and produced by Jim James from My Morning Jacket and Monsters of Folk. Part of the intention with Dear Companion was to draw attention to the problem of Mountaintop Removal (MTR) coal mining, but the music stood on its own as well (Filter: “This is one painfully beautiful record”). Between the release of Stray Age and now, Daniel’s been busy, touring with Ben and Jim (including a July ‘10 performance at the Newport Folk Festival), opening for Iron & Wine, The Swell Season and My Morning Jacket, appearing on NPR’s World Café, doing the things associated writing, recording and releasing music.

In our words, DMM is an artist of true heart and soul, and he has been a dedicated friend to The Requiem Project: The Emery since its inception. He has worked with us in a myriad of capacities: The record release of Daniel’s album, Farthest Field, sold-out The Emery Theatre’s First Final Friday in 2012. He and Joan Shelley recorded two heart-wrenching Emery Sessions with Michael Wilson, The First of August and We Two:

Emery Session: The First of August

Emery Session: We Two

Most recently we worked with DMM on a self-scripting project with Wordplay Cincy, another non-profit in Cincinnati that specifically works with children and caring adults to develop literacy skills and creative outlets for expression through writing. Daniel’s participation in our collaborative project was song-writing for the sold-out performance of “Enter Stage Write.”

The Requiem Project would have a terrible hole missing if we did not have Daniel’s music and dedication to the arts as a pathway to peace.

We  hope that you join us Saturday, September 13 at The Monastery in Cincinnati for a special evening of music for one of the “good people in this world.”